Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Goodbye Blogspot!

For all the followers of my blog, I have moved to wordpress and expect more frequent articles and write ups. This blog will now be continued at


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Turmoil!

From my childhood, I have been educated on the Hindutva, its principles and policies and more or less the tolerance Hindutva has had towards anything and everything. BJP (Bhartiya Janatha Party) for me was a symbol of Hindutva and positivity. A party which could probably, catapult India into the extrordinary league of spiritual and scientific greatness through the policies of Hindutva and Hinduism. Not for the fact that the party has been avert to ideas from other sects of the so called Indian minorities like Islam or the Christianas, but for the same reason that it could imbibe the ideas of anyone who thinks positive and propagate the same across the nation!

The BJP has been strongly influenced and structured by the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh - RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishat - the VHP in its own constitution, the two other organizations striving to revive the Hindu culture and ensure that the relegion does not die in its own motherland. I respect both these organizations as well, minus their activities which create intolerance in the society. The fact that the intolerence may have the 'hand' of other political parties or unhealty elements is a different story and a much debatable issue in another blog!

The reason for this post was much necessicated by the turmoil in probably one of India's most democratic party. I have never felt Congress is democratic given the dominance of Gandhis and their own aye sayers around them! Leave alone the regional parties, their leaders are more interested in putting up their own statues then improving the conditions!

The BJP fired one of its founders Jaswant Singh last week for his book on Jinnah! Jinnah was one of the architects of India's partition and being in a country where one has the liberty to speak/ read / write what they want, he had the perfect right to pen down his thoughts on any one else other than Jinnah too! Jaswant, in his book, blamed Nehru and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel equally responsible as Jinnah! This is where things went wrong and the craker called BJP started to burst!

The party lost the 2009 general elections due to known reasons. Bad leadership was reflecting across the nation and was un noticed by the party top brass. Stalwarts of BJP even took names of these leaders post debacle, but for all unknown reasons the structure still remains the same. Jaswant was one of the few who raised his voice in public and then now, released his much sought after book. This lit the cracker and BJP started bursting each of its cracklets one by one. Sudheendra Kulkarni, a long term aide of the BJPs pillars Vajpayee and Advani cracked sooner as well.

Just today, there are rumours that Arun Shourie may be sacked for comments he made to public television. Well if you ask me, he must not be! If it is, then its sad that the BJP is not a democratic party as well. There may be people at the top who are commanding the cadres to sack their opposition. But its time for them to learn that they cannot grow without the party's stalwarts.

The party has exposed itself publicly this time and its image is at stake. The national leaders at helm are not really performing to their role and they seem to be lost. There is no confidence in Arun Jaitley or Sushma Swaraj any more!

The BJP however can raise back like a phonenix form the ashes. They must revamp their leadership. First get in loads of young blood (which may be a problem, with me and you sitting and blogging, than join the party cadres ;)). Get their next level up by the next year. If required influx RSS and VHP top brass as well. Then on infuse positivity into the states where they rule. Positivity as in reach out to the masses, ensure good roads etc... I did hear from one of my cousins that Modi's Gujrat is amazing, from just one visit to Ahmedabad, alas, I find it hard to say the same about BSYs Karnataka! Overall, they need a very very positive branding and total image makeover. Believe, even the RSS and VHP need to build up some tolerance and pass on their intolerance to the younger Senas that have come up, at least to rebuild this political arm of Hindutva!

The Future is Bright and the Future is Saffron! Well just a matter of time, before this dust settles and a new BJP arises and fights back. Lets all support the organization rather than criticizing it given its current situation. Jai Hind!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Market back with a bang!!!

Looks like the market is up! are back with their Hari Sadu ad on the Television! Was quite surprised in fact to see the notorious ad back! Someone even had a litigation against it to get the name "Hari" changed as they were getting teased by their mates! Comon... this is too much!

The ad though rocks!

Videocon has launched a set of new Ads as well! The "Change is Good" ad is awesome. The concept and the thoughts behind it are really great. Videocon, when I buy a new one or upgrade my current videocon (iske peeche koi nahi hai) refregirator I will buy a Videocon one for sure! Of course change is good... :) I too agree! The Chow Mow characters in the ad really are great! One of the ads can be seen on the below link!

End of a long weekend!

Finally its the end of one lovely lazy long weekend! Need to try to get out of my holiday mood. Its been over a month since I am back from India and absolutely, I have done nothing!!! The last one month has been spent in looking for a rented house, watching movies, browsing, driving, riding and of course sleeping! Hoping to start off the next month with a new energy ;) of course my country is 62+ and Aj has passed a comment that the auto drivers in front of the Sri Theater are better than us as they celebrated independence day and distributed sweets!

The last one month has also proved worthwhile watching quite a few good movies and of course equally bad ones! Eddelu Manjunatha was a starter. It was my first movie in a Gandhinagara theater and well it was bad! Me, Harsha, Maddy and Jiggy had a terrible time with a not so upto the mark movie! Jaggesh was at his absolute best with the witty dialogues and acting, but the movie had no substance in it to carry on!

Then on it was time to hit the theaters back again in Mysooru! A revamped sterling in rainbow colours, new seats was unexpected for me as Aj and Abhi showed no surprises staring at the crowd! Love Aaj Kal hit another low. But to be honest we enjoyed the tea in the Darshini hotel opposite Sterling, which was our only option to avoid the torrental rain. I had 3-4 glasses, which of course may be the reason for me to catch cold!

This week Raghu declared that we must get the "Independece Day Bravery Award" for 2010. Reason:- We watched Kaminey in Shree theater at the peak of the swine flu scare, we were in Mandi! :) OMG then I need to get a bigger award! Its been hardly a month since I am in India! However the movie was worth the risk we took though!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Bye UK, Doubleminded though!!!

Proud to be writing these blogs from a palce where Raja Ram Mohan Roy someone, who dreamt first of the modern India, breathed his last - Bristol. Bristol, has been a city that has faced a lot during WWII, bombed by the German force, it has however risen like a phoenix from the ashes, though not able to meet the modern British industrial empires of Manchester and Birmingham. The tale of this city rising back however may be an inspiration for me to rise back at work which seems to have been hitting new lows!

It is about three weeks that I have to say goodbye to UK and well its high time I need to say goodbye to the country which was my foster home for the most part of the past nine months. Too much has happened over this duration to put in writing and the contents may not suit the blog professionally as well, as a book might earn me better royalty ;)

The Indian companies that we work for, mostly are ready to do almost anything to the worst way to get business not caring on the fate and status of their employees which seems to be quite bad. Of course with the neo colonialism, the clients at the other end try to squeeze max out of the offshored software companies the other side! However with no one daring to say a NO, its the Indian employees who are in turn suffering because of this neo-colonialistic regimes.

With mixed mind and mixed feelings, I bid goodbye to UK shortly and looking forward for the next fortnight I have to pass here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels and Demons:

The demons at work seem to end soon. As some people might find it hard that I have decided to forego my current position at the work and the rest more or less may be happy of getting rid of an unwanted demon!

Back to point blank of this blog, the movies! Had been to Angels and Demons at the local Vue this Saturday and well, seems like its worth watching! Four on Five from my side for Ron Howards illustration of Dan Browns epic novel on screen.

The movie is well paced unlike the earlier Da Vinci Code and is much more better in narration and action with Tom Hanks' maverick "I need to teach you your history...." statements! It amazed many who were unaware of the catholic church and its policies in the early periods. The movie has amazing photography and picturization and deserves to be on the top of the list for quite some time! Tommy of course is as usual at his peak in this plain and simple narration.

For those of you who are yet to see this one, go on and please watch it, of course in theaters! But please do read a bit of christianity, papacy and of course Italy and the Vatican before you run into the theaters and feel like you have entered a maze! If you read books, pick the Angels and Demons from one of the stands!

Catch you soon, as I am escaping from my current demons, look forward for newer movies and of course newer arenas of work! Might have quite a few lined up in the way for the next few weeks, the Night at the Museum2, Ice Age3... Catchya soon! Take Care!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Luck By Chance!!!

Had just been to this lame Aktharnama a week or two back. It was a movie of struggling stars in the B town loking for opportunities to bloom! The movie was not worth sitting for two odd hours, but was surely coming with a message.

Not just in the B town, even the whole world works by chance. Companies win contracts by chance, people get opportunities by chance, people lose opportunities by chance.

But some people just live by chance!
Slumdog for the S/W Industry

Millionaire is making money world wide and has gained fame for portraying the negatives of the Indian poor. Was wondering if, by producing a sequel for the software industry, we might be able to mint money!

The story line can be similar, but you can have a manager talking to a resource, presumably whose career/ life got screwed by entering into the industry dreaming of his past and seeking answers for his appraisal!

Brickbats welcome, I am sure none of my managers understand my comic sense nor have the capabilities to understand my blogs, nor will read it as they are presumably too busy just delegating work to others!

{PS: If any of you by mistake encounter this, I will ensure its properly structured by my next appraisal and the budget will be out in an excel sheet and uploaded in the next related post ;)}
Dilli Six'ed

All along the past few month's, I was wondering why the movie has a number next to it! Finally today was enlightened on the rusty seats of Sterling that its the post code for Chandni Chowk area.

Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra had hit a sixer in his first venture, Rang De Basanti. His second venture though seems to be missing the boundary line just by a few yards, not a bad effort though! Dilli Six revolves around the streets of Chandni Chowk with probably just a peek into San Fransico and Agra and fares well probably in keeping you glued to your seat for two odd hours.

The story, if you ask me takes off from where SRK left in Swades, but to a more urbanized locale than the rural picture portrayed there. Abhishek has performed well in the movie and the cute Sonam Kapoor has a point to prove that she can have others run for their money (Beware Anil Kapoor ;))! OmPuri is at his classic best as usual and the normal aunties, uncles, grannies, untouchables etc... make the dish more sweeter. The movie revolves and does not focus just on any theme unlike several other movies do. There is a Ram Leela, the usual communal divide, the good old Rishi Kapoor love story, the swadesi sentiments all together knit well and to perfection.

Probably the only thing that seemed out of the world to me is the Monkey Man of Delhi! A little bit too much of masala to handle. And the protrayal of Big B in the end, seemed unnecessary though! The movie runs quite well except for the last ten to fifteen minutes, where Mehra forgets what logic means, just to keep the gals watching the movie on their toes for the sake of Junior B staying alive!

Not a right movie to see over the weekend though! Especially since I need to catch my BA flight right out of Bengaluru soon. My swadesi instincts are tickling, but work is at least calling for the next two to three months, then on i am back at my "Mysore 16 ;)".

Straight out of my heart I would give a standing ovation to the photography of Dili 6, its amazing and great work. Good effort again from Mehra and team and hopefuly Dilli 6 lands in the right post box!
Slumdog Millionaire

Well! Apologies for the delays and for being off for this long! My slumdog manager (No offense meant to anyone) had ensure I have almost got a twenty hour a day work schedule! More on my slumdog story at the end of this blog!

Well coming to the actual stuff, watched the much hyped Slumdog Millionaire/ Crorepati just because of the word of mouth popularity and believe me to the fullest, I was not enthralled by the show just as may be the rest of the world was!

The music was mediocre, just one Jai Ho! song was okay, there have been better deliveries from the legend A R Rahman himself in his earlier compositions! The TV shows in India are still running the campgain supporting Slumdog for the Oscars, but I personally feel there were better options.

Coming to the acting skill, there was nothing to act there! Even a kid watching Big B on Siddarth Basu's KBC can enact Amithabh. Coming to the child actors, they were paid, they acted, for some of them, believe it was routine life. The young actors seriously did not have much to act there. Coming toIrfaan Khaan. OMG!! It was probably his most mediocre performance. He is a class actor and can to much better than making a subordinate call someone - the bitch from the slum!

Overall, the movie portrayed negatives and had more negatives over life in India than positives. The lives of the slum was portrayed very negatively and the communal divide overexposed. Believe there had to be a curb on the way the life has been portrayed at least for the sake of the nation!

One word for the Slumdog crew. Its a good effort, but honestly, the movie has played around with the sentiments of the average slumdwellers life. Hopefully none of the so called social organizations have seen this movie ;) God luck, for the Oscars!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another Week Gone By

Another rocking week... In terms of travel :) I again hit the roads on my 2000 model Victor to Bangalore, but for the first time on that highway, driving was difficult!

Why?? See this. The visibility was less than a 100 M :)